2x+4y=12 y=1/4x-3what is the solution to the system of equations ?(-1,8)(8,-1)(5,1/2)(1/2,5)

Accepted Solution

Answer: The solution of the system of the equation is, (8,-1)Step-by-step explanation:Using substitution method[tex]2x+4y=12[/tex]      .......... (1)[tex]y=\frac{1}{4}x-3[/tex]      ......... (2)Now we are putting equation (2) into equation (1), we get the value of 'x'[tex]2x+4(\frac{1}{4}x-3)=12[/tex][tex]2x+\frac{4}{4}x-4\times 3=12[/tex][tex]2x-x=12+12[/tex][tex]3x=24[/tex][tex]x=8[/tex]Now put the value of 'x' in equation (2), we get the value of 'y'[tex]y=\frac{1}{4}x-3[/tex][tex]y=\frac{1}{4}\times 8-3[/tex][tex]y=2-3[/tex][tex]y=-1[/tex]Hence, the correct option is, (8,-1)